What’s New at Ziryab?

Spring is on its way, folks!! 

In the meantime, stay warm at Ziryab, it’s a beautiful cosy place for a bit of charm if the nights are still chilly.

So what’s new this season? 

We have some great new dishes for you to try on our specials menus – we are going for new meats such as lamb casserole, nice hot creamy “calçots” soup (very typical Catalna vegetable), and our very own Cordon Bleu chicken with halloumi cheese. Try our local pork sausage filled with dates and Gruyere cheese, or our artisanal vegan ice-cream flavoured with coffee and cardamom! We have also put some small packets of spice (Jordanian zaatar: thyme spice mix, and Lebanese sumaque: citric spice) for you to take home and try cooking with! They are upstairs in the room of the round table – the room which was used for clandestine secret meetings during the Spanish civil war!

Ziryab is open now every day for lunch from 1pm to 4.30pm (and the restaurant stays open all day long to have afternoon drinks) and is a perfect way to spend a lazy lunchtime before going off to explore this wonderful city… Remember we have super refreshing home-made Sangria jugs (red wine or sparkling wine – cava with strawberries and mint!, or even gin tonic jugs with mint and cucumber) which is a fantastic way to relax with friends and get a little tipsy.

Smile & stay warm!

Ziryab team, spring 2017