What’s New at Ziryab?

The summer is coming folks! 

So what’s new this season? 

We have some great new dishes for you to try on our specials menus – we are going for fresh locally sourced vegetables that are in season, as well as spicing up and varying some of the old classics! Some new seasonal dishes for example include the beetroot carpaccio with a soya, honey and tahine dressing….. the Catalan mushrooms stuffed with Bearnaise and topped with “cecine” cured beef and sherry balsamic….. the vol-au-vent pastry puffs filled with blue cheese, chestnut and rosemary….. and oh so much more! The Catalan butifarra stuffing we have currently is artichoke and cured Bellota ham (i.e. acorn-fed, top quality) and we’ve made a Taybeh palestinian malt beer dressing for it… and our lamb thyme stew is better than ever: one of our chefs, Ricardo, has revolutionised it, ensuring that it is marinated for several hours to soak up the flavours and spice. It is tender and delicious! If you are coming for our classic dips, we have some great new flavours for you to try…

Remember we have some small packets of spice (Jordanian zaatar: thyme spice mix, and Lebanese sumaque: citric spice) for you to take home and try cooking with! They are upstairs in the room of the round table – the room which was used for clandestine secret meetings during the Spanish civil war!

Ziryab is open every day for lunch from 1pm and the restaurant stays open all day long, and is a perfect way to spend a lazy lunchtime before going off to explore this wonderful city… Remember we have super refreshing home-made Sangria jugs (red wine or sparkling wine – cava with strawberries and mint) and some fantastic new cocktails on the menu.

Smile & enjoy Barcelona!

Ziryab team, summer 2018