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At Ziryab we try to keep our list short but sweet: quality wines from small top-notch bodegas. We have a great variety from all over Catalonia, as well as Lebanese and Moroccan wines! Ask us for recommendations if you’re not sure.

Here is our current wine list (we change it every season to bring you new fresh wine selections!)


Some background for the more avid drinkers… 

Catalan wines: Catalonia’s wine-making region is one that is sometimes underestimated among foreigners coming to Barcelona. It is, however, a land that makes fantastic wines and it’s a must to try some of its autochthonous varieties such as the Xarel.lo as a nice alternative to a regular Chardonnay, the citric fresh variety of Picapoll blanc, or the red varieties of Sumoll and Trepat. Garnatxa is a grape that is widely used in Catalan wines.

Wines from the Arab world: Ziryab has a growing selection of Lebanese wines – hard to come by in Barcelona, which is doesn’t seem to far, just across the Mediterranean! In fact, this trajectory marks the traditional route that the Phoenicians used to take when trading goods long before the Romans were doing it, and it is a little-known fact that the wine production tradition in Lebanon dates back some 6000 years.

Most of the production takes place in the eastern Bekaa Valley, which borders with Syria. The Bekaa is highly fertile, at an average altitude of 1000m which is favourable for its vines, giving them much winter rain and much summer sunshine.

There are over a dozen wineries in the Bekaa valley, together producing over 6 million bottles of wine a year. Several of these producers, including Château Ksara, and Château Musar, are now on Ziryab wine list and make wonderful full-bodied and intriguing wines…

Wine tasting sessions: Try one of Ziryab’s wine-tasting sessions! It can be done in a group of 8 persons or more, with a sommelier, sending us a mail in advance to reserve. You can also try our tasting menu with accompanying wines. It is an amazing selection of combined flavours and textures, each tasting dish pairing perfectly with the chosen wine, and information cards which you can take home with you. A very special experience 🙂 You can also give it to someone as a gift, see our section on gift vouchers.