Home Delivery

Apart from our fusion tapas, we also make a line of special fusion pizzas exclusively for home delivery (or pickup from the restaurant). These fusion pizzas are inspired by the ingredients we use in our cuisine – fresh, organic, tasty and specialised ingredients from around the Mediterranean!

See the menu below. When we reopen the restaurant on 27/11/2020, you will be able to order with Glovo or Just Eat. Orders can be made Thursday to Sunday (19:00-21:30), and Saturdays and Sundays also at lunch (13:00-16:30).

–> Order now with Glovo here
–> or contact us (T:931 874 210 or info@ziryab.es) to pick up at the restaurant (10% discount)

“MARGARITA ZAATAR”   8.80 (medium 24cm)/12.40 (big 32cm)
with “zaatar” mix of aromatic herbs with a thyme base

“HALLOUMI FEVER”  12.80/17.90
Halloumi cheese from Cyprus, with “chermoula” pesto (cilantro, lemon & garlic)

“MEDJOUL”  13.50/18.50
Medjoul dates (the big, juicy ones) with bacon to create a sweet-salty explosion in the mouth. Topping: balsamic reduction.

“PUNKY PUERRO PARTY”  11.50/15.90
Caramelised leek, bacon and goat’s cheese, with a crunchy caramelized onion topping.

“SPICY SYRIAN STYLE”  11.50/15.90
Spicy red pepper sauce & feta cheese, topped with chopped walnuts.

“SUEÑO IBÉRICO”  14.90/19.90
Cured ham aged for 24 months, from Huelva south of Spain. And Labneh, a cream cheese from Greece.

“FOIE A LA ASTURIANA”  14.20/19.20
Foie gras mi-cuit, oven-baked apple and a sprinkle of red wine sea salt.

“BUTI TRUFA”  12.80/17.90
Catalan pork sausauge of sweet garlic, with oven-baked apple and black truffle olive oil.

“QUATRE CHEESY GATS”  13.90/19.50
4 quality Mediterranean cheeses (with denomination of origin), from north Catalunya, France and Italy.