Home Delivery

Apart from our fusion tapas, we also make a line of special fusion pizzas exclusively for home delivery (or pickup from the restaurant). These fusion pizzas are inspired by the ingredients we use in our cuisine – fresh, organic, tasty and specialised ingredients from around the Mediterranean!

See the menu below. Coming soon in late September 2020 you will be able to order directly here on our site! And in the meantime, you can order with Glovo (from 15/09) or Just Eat (from 23/09)!

–> Order now with Glovo here (daily 19:15-23:00)
–> or contact us (T:931 874 210 or info@ziryab.es) to pick up at the restaurant (10% discount)

“MARGARITA ZAATAR”   8.80 (medium 24cm)/12.40 (big 32cm)
with “zaatar” mix of aromatic herbs with a thyme base

“HALLOUMI FEVER”  12.80/17.90
Halloumi cheese from Cyprus, with “chermoula” pesto (cilantro, lemon & garlic)

“MEDJOUL”  13.50/18.50
Medjoul dates (the big, juicy ones) with bacon to create a sweet-salty explosion in the mouth. Topping: balsamic reduction.

“PUNKY PUERRO PARTY”  11.50/15.90
Caramelised leek, bacon and goat’s cheese, with a crunchy caramelized onion topping.

“SPICY SYRIAN STYLE”  11.50/15.90
Spicy red pepper sauce & feta cheese, topped with chopped walnuts.

“SUEÑO IBÉRICO”  14.90/19.90
Cured ham aged for 24 months, from Huelva south of Spain. And Labneh, a cream cheese from Greece.

“FOIE A LA ASTURIANA”  14.20/19.20
Foie gras mi-cuit, oven-baked apple and a sprinkle of red wine sea salt.

“BUTI TRUFA”  12.80/17.90
Catalan pork sausauge of sweet garlic, with oven-baked apple and black truffle olive oil.

“QUATRE CHEESY GATS”  13.90/19.50
4 quality Mediterranean cheeses (with denomination of origin), from north Catalunya, France and Italy.