Enjoy Barcelona Hookah Sessions with Friends—Minus Your Smartphone

So you’ve finished your tour of the activity-packed sprawl of Barcelona. After soaking in the sights and sounds for almost an entire day, however, you find yourself a bit tired and ready to relax. A consensus was reached among your group, and you all decided to wind down at a popular shisha bar in Barcelona like Ziryab.

It’s not bad to Instagram and Tweet everything you’ve experienced while enjoying a nice, traditional hookah in Barcelona with your friends. Still, you’re missing the big point of what the gathering is all about—actual personal conversation, and not having your friends look at you for hours while you indulge yourself on your smartphone.

Why You Should Put Your Phone Down And Actually Get To living

Writing for TotalSororityMove.com, contributor Lucky Jo stresses:

I don’t deny that smartphones are a shining beacon of fun in what could otherwise be a completely boring situation. But in an age when we have the ability to do some amazing things with just a few taps on a glowing screen, a serious problem has surfaced, and we can’t ignore it anymore.

Our obsession with our phones has gotten out of hand.

The following items below are some of the best reasons for you to put down your phone and begin living the way you’re meant to.

Good, old-fashioned socialization – Albert Einstein once said, “I fear the day when technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.” The way technology has changed daily interactions is too obvious to ignore—what used to be fun, vocal exchanges of quirky and inspiring stories over a cup of coffee is now dominated with people glued to small screens. Put down your phone and strike up a conversation with someone, and you’ll be surprised at what great experiences lie in wait.

You’re not able to make as many memories – A study conducted at Fairfield University found out that taking pictures of notable moments instead of manually remembering them alters the way people perceive a certain occurrence. In other words, they’re not able to fully recall all the details of what they saw because they were focusing on another task. When a picture gets deleted, you’ll remember little to none of it, and you’ll hugely miss out on the good times past.

You’ll sleep better – A good night’s sleep is impossible to achieve if you keep yourself glued to the screen. This is because they emit a blue wavelength of light that causes your brain to think that it’s time to be alert, even when it’s bedtime.

So live and enjoy the beauty of Barcelona. Put down your phone and indulge yourself in the real world, where real adventures await.


(Source: Why you should Put Your Phone down and Actually Get to Living, TotalSororityMove.com)

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