Come have your hookah in Barcelona @ Ziryab...

Whether you call it Hookah, shisha, hubbly bubbly, water pipe… we have a great one for those of you in Barcelona! Here are some answers to questions you may have…

Are there many shisha lounges in Barcelona? 

Ziryab has a set of beautiful imported shishas of different colours and sizes depending on what might best suit you and your group. Shishas – or hookahs – in Barcelona can be found in some Arab restaurants in the Gracia neighbourhood of Barcelona or in the touristic zones down by the Port; however, Ziryab is the only place that offers you great quality shisha, with smiling service in a wonderful atmosphere, and smack bang in the heart of the quirky old neighbourhood of el Born.

Where does shisha-smoking originate from? 

Shisha-smoking is an ancient tradition that has evolved over the centuries. Originating in the Persian Empire, it quickly spread to India and then to Egypt and the Levant region under the Ottoman dynasty. Now, of course, it is best associated with the Arab world and it is not unusual to find people smoking shisha in the street or in a clothes store in places like Cairo.

How is it to smoke a shisha and which types of coal are there? 

The hookah has a wonderful taste and smell, and in this sense it is much more pleasant than smoking cigarettes, for example. You can get the tobacco flavoured in apple, grape… even watermelon, lemon and mint, and capuccino! It might give you a bit of a head spin if you are not used to smoking cigarettes, but the hookah is also considered to be very smooth and does not need to be inhaled into the lungs at all. At Ziryab we use natural coconut coal, which allows for a much smoother smoke than artificial coals, and we keep your shisha fresh and topped-up at all times!

So what's a recommended visit to Ziryab like? 

Smoking shisha in Barcelona is recommended by Ziryab to be done with a couple of hours on your hands so you can kick back, put your feet up, enjoy the atmosphere in Ziryab, enjoy the good company of some friends or a book, and savour the fruity smoke from your hookah…! In the Palestinian town of Gaza City, people say that smoking the shisha has a therapeutic effect – the sound of bubbling water combined with the slow-burning sizzle of charcoal is extremely relaxing, they say…

In any case, smoking a shisha in Barcelona – coupled with one of our fantastic cocktails or smoothies – is a perfect way to spend some hours in this beautiful city. Enjoy! 🙂

Carrer de Grunyi 4 , Barcelona (el Born)

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Carrer de Grunyi 4 , Barcelona (el Born)