Is it true that those who work at Ziryab are Deaf?

Yes! Totally true. In fact it’s part of the charm of the place, as there are very few places in the world with this peculiarity! You can practise your sign language, or even perhaps ask the waiters to tell you how to say “thank you”, “it’s very good” or “I need more coal please!”, in sign language. Our waiters are Catalan local deaf persons, overall, however every now and then we have deaf people from all over the world who do internships with us, so between them usually they will be able to understand English if you want to write something down! As one of the owners of Ziryab is deaf, this is an important aspect for us, to ensure we give opportunities for deaf people to work in the sector of bars and restaurants, and also to provide a service in sign language for deaf people who visit from all over the world. This is also the reason we do not have telephones in our bar.

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