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The menu changes every season, using ingredients that are in season in Catalonia during each period.
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  “Olivera” 4.50

marinated local “llepadits” olives (vg)

 “El Tablao”  13.00
Mediterranean cheese & Iberian cured ham board (g, l, n)
Iberian ham from Extremadura, 100% pasture-fed, cured at least 28 months
       (Can be served only cheese, only ham, and without gluten)


    “Very Mucha Remolacha” 6.90
Cool summer gazpacho of beetroot with tangy orange (vg)
Traditional cool summer soup

“Morcilla Crumble” 10.50
Spiced black sausage crumble
Served with our special “picada” sauce: ginger, chocolate, carquinyoli catalan almond crackers, “ranci” wine and a touch of pear compote! (g, n, pork)

“Esparra-go-go” (4p) 8.70
Navarra white asparagus (l, v)
With a creamy Manchego-zaatar sauce.
Zaatar is a blend of aromatic herbs typical in eastern Mediterranean cuisine.

“El Dorado” 8.50
Seabream tartare (n)
Seabream, or “Dorada”, is typical throughout the Mediterranean.
Here it is served raw with a green apple cream

“Melitzanosalata, Baby” 8.70
Roasted aubergine with the chef’s toasted chips of corn and cumin (vg)
Melitzanosalata is a salad typical to Greece, of aubergine, garlic and lemon

“How Dipp is Your Love?”
Home-made dips with mini-pitta
1 dip 4.90    3 dips 14.50    6 dips 24.00
1 pitta extra 0.65
(gluten-free bread available)

– Melon and mint Tsatsiki (l, v)
– Kalamata olive tapenade with garlic confit (vg)
– Chickpea hummus of sun-dried tomato and capers (vg)
– Smoked aubergine with agave nectar (vg)
– Spicy red pepper Syrian style (n, vg)
– Caramelised leek, bacon and goat’s cheese (g, l)

“Croqueta Coqueta” (1p) 2.10
Escalivada croqueta (g, vg)
Escalivada is typically Catalan, a smoked, roasted mix of red pepper, aubergine, onion

“Halloumi King” (4p) 8.90
Halloumi sticks with pistachio and lime pesto
(l, n, v)
Halloumi is a cheese from the eastern Mediterranean

“Devils on Horseback” (4u)  8.20
Medjoul dates wrapped in bacon
Classic of the house since over a decade

“Prens el Pèl, Falafel” (4p) 9.40
Chef’s confit onion falafel (vg)
With tahini and “Chermoula” African marinade

“Harissa Bravas”
6.90 (half)/ 9.90 (full)
Fried potatoes with vegan alioli, caramelised soya and harissa (vg)
Harissa is a Tunisian spicy paste; it is served on the side


“Apollonut!”  13.80
Slow-cooked chicken apricot tagine
(n, halal meat)
(can be served without nuts)

“Gib me Kibbe” (4u) 14.90
Spiced lamb kibbe 
(g, n, halal meat)
With a smoked aubergine sauce
(can be served without nuts)

“Porca de Guerra” (4p) 14.50
Pulled pork pita tacos with Palestinian beer reduction
Sauce prepared with Palestinian “Taybeh Amber” from the West Bank (g)

“Calla, Caballa” 11.00
Slow-cooked mackerel
Confit, slow cooked in Arbequina olive oil. Served with a sauce of pistachio, lemon and cardamom (n)

“Girl with a Pearl Risotto” 10.80
Pearl barley risotto with sun-dried tomato and black truffle oil
(g, vg)
With vegan cheese and kalamata olive


Our home-made desserts:

“Bergamota on Fire” 6.80
Crema catalana flavoured with Bergamot citrics (vg)

“Medjoul Choco-Love ” (2p) 5.80
Medjoul date filled with hazelnut praliné, sprinkled with smoked sea salt
A small sinful pleasure only for those who deserve it.
Comes in twos but you can order just one and we tell no one 
(l, n, v)

“Bizcocho a l’Azahar” (4p) 7.40
Semolina orange-blossom and coconut sponge cake
With “kumqat” mini oranges. While the kumqat originates in southern China, it is now cultivated in abundance in southern Spain. Topped with creamy Greek yoghurt.
(g, n, vg, can be served without nuts)


“Rosa Pana Cotta” (4u) 6.50
Pana cotta with aromatic rosewater (l, v)
Served with a red fruit balsamic cream

Selected artisan desserts:

“Aleppo-Barcelona” (4p) 8.80
Mini Syrian baklawas
Made by “El Principe” bakery in Gracia neighbourhood, where Mustafa – from Aleppo but living over 30 years in Barcelona – makes delicious treats all day long
(g, l, n, v)

“Ice Ice Baby”  3.80 per scoop (l, n, v)

Artisans ice-creams

– Catalan caramel flan
– Pressed mandarine
Ask for kids options

g = contains gluten   l= contains lactose   n = contains nuts   v = vegetarian    vg = vegan

** don’t be shy: ask for the complete list of allergens if you need it**