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The menu changes every season, using ingredients that are in season in Catalonia during each period.
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Marinated Mediterranean olives 4.50 (gf, vg, lf)
Gordal, Yeye and Kalamata, marinated with oregano and a touch of chilli

Local fresh summer almond soup with white garlic and macadamia 6.90 (gf, vg, n, lf)

Selection of quality Mediterranean cheeses & Iberian cured ham (“paletilla”)
(full 10.00/half 19.50)
Mediterranean cheese selection
(or) Cured ham from Huelva 
  (or) Mixed platter


Mediterranean “gallo-fish” ceviche with ras-el-hanout 9.20 (gf, lf)
The gallo is a flatfish from the “megrim” family.
Dish served with Lebanese sweet potato “tigermilk” marinade and Chef Jony’s delicious corn chips.

Roasted baby carrots with rosemary, harissa, agave and lemon drizzle 7.90 (gf, vg, lf)

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House patatas bravas with vegan caramelised garlic alioli, caramelized soya and harissa
6.80 (half)/ 7.90 (full) (vg, lf, gf)
Harissa is a Tunisian spicy paste; it is served on the side

Home-made dips served with mini-pita

1 dip 4.90    3 dips 14.50    6 dips 24.00    1 extra pita 0.65
(gluten-free bread available)

– Cucumber and labneh with red zaatar (v, gf)
– Lentil and almond (vg, lf, gf, n)
– Chickpea hummus with paprika (vg, lf, gf)
– Smoked aubergine with agave nectar (vg, gf, lf)
– Spicy red pepper Syrian style (vg, gf, lf, n)
– Caramelised leek, bacon and goat’s cheese

Medjoul dates wrapped in bacon (4p)  7.80 (gf, lf)

Oven-baked halloumi cheese sticks with Chef’s salsa (4p) 7.60 (v, gf, n)
Halloumi is a cheese from the eastern Mediterranean.
Our salsa this season is mint, lemon and sesame

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Ziryab Falafel of “ganxet” Catalan bean with lemon curd tahine sauce (4u) 8.90 (gf, vg, lf)


Wild ‘n’ marinated chicken thighs
13.50 (lf, gf, halal meat) Marinated with mustard, confit lemon and olive, served with wild rice

Lamb “meloso” (soft pulled meat) with hummus and Lebanese flatbread
14.50 (n, halal meat, can be served without nuts)

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Cider-cooked baby chorizos (6u) 9.80 (lf, gf)
Served with a purée of bay leaves and rocket. Chorizo is spiced paprika pork sausage. The cider is a fresh natural apple cider from “Serps” brewery in Girona.

Codfish confit with thyme 11.50 (gf, lf)
Served with a typical white bean paste and paprika

Seasonal vegetable platter 8.20 (gf, vg, lf)
Pickled with a citric carrot marinade, served with crushed corn  

Cool summer pearl couscous salad with roasted cherry tomato and fresh aromatic herbs 7.90 (v, n)
Walnuts, raisins, rocket, kalamata olive, parsley, mint, cilantro, mustard (can be served vegan/without lactose and without nuts)

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Chocolate Sacher cake by Moni our pastry chef with fig jam filling and cardamom 6.80

Seasonal fruit with minty cream foam and sumaque citric spice  5.50  (gf, vg, lf)

Mousse cheesecake of goat’s cheese 6.70 (gf, n)
With peach jam and rosemary, caramelized walnuts

The house ginger and lemon Crema catalana 6.50 (gf)  

Our vegan pistache Tiramisu 6.80 (lf, vg, n)


Artisan ice-creams 3.80 per scoop

                       – Delicious Mediterranean lavender
Blackberry sorbet (gf, vg, lf)
Horxata (Catalan tiger nut) sorbet (gf, vg, lf)
Bombón Rocher (chocolate praliné) with carquinyolis catalan nut toasties                                

gf = gluten- free   lf = lactose- free   n = contains nuts   v = vegetarian    vg = vegan