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The menu changes every season, using ingredients that are in season in Catalonia during each period.
This is the menu for summer-autumn 2020
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(lighter tapas – great way to start)

Quality olives selection 3.80  (gf, vg, lf)
Yeye, Gordal & Kalamata

Melon gazpacho with Moroccan Argan oil 5.90
cool summer- autumn soup (n, gf, vg, can be made without nuts)

Mediterranean minty summer salad 6.20
feta, apricots, quality tomato & mint (gf, v, can be made vegan)

Catalan tomato toasties á la zaatar (8p) 5.90
with “vidre” crystal bread, olive oil and “zaatar” thyme (vg, lf, can be made gluten-free)

Our dips selection with mini-pitta:
(1 dip/3 dips/6 dips) 4.20/ 12.00/ 22.00
(gluten-free bread available) extra pitta 0.35 (1p)
   – Cucumber with labneh & oregano (v, gf)
– Caramelised leek, bacon & goat’s cheese
– Green pea & mint (gf, v)
– Smoked aubergine (eggplant) & honey (vg, gf, lf)
– Spicy red pepper Syrian style (vg, lf, gf, n)
– Chickpea hummous with black trufflie olive oil (vg, gf, lf)

Platter of Iberian cuts 9.90 (half) / 18.50 (full)
delicious selection of different Iberian pork cuts (lf, can be made gluten-free)

Platter of Iberian paletilla (cured ham)
9.80 (half) / 17.90 (full) (lf, can be gluten-free)

Quality Mediterranean cheese selection
10.80 (half) / 19.40 (full) (v, can be gluten-free)

“TA TA TA” savoury tarte tatin (4p):
– with foie gras mi-cuit and red wine marine salt 9.50
– or with caramelised goats cheese 8.60 (n, v)
– or half of each  9.10 (n)

(hot tapas)
Tapas: Not all dishes will come at the same time…

House harissa “bravas” oven-roasted potatoes
with a 5-spice sauce and (optional) spicy harissa (vg, gf, lf)
5.90 (half) / 8.90 (full)

Artisan croquetas (4p) 6.50 (vg, lf)
with “trompeta de la mort” mushrooms & sweet potato

Medjoul dates wrapped in bacon (4p) 5.95 (gf, lf)

Fried Halloumi cheese sticks (4p)  6.80 (v,gf)
served with “chermoula” pesto
recommended with an order of tomato toasties

Stuffed tortelloni pasta (4p) 8.50 (v, gf)
stuffed with aubergine (eggplant) & “scamorza” smoked cow’s cheese

(have your own or keep on sharing)

Botifarra” Catalan pork sausage in cider 11.70 with seasonal stuffing (gf)

Marinated chicken hanging skewer 10.90
marinated in Provence herbs, sauce of mustard & lemon (halal meat, gf, lf)

Octopus & gambas hanging skewer 11.90
with a dipping sauce made with Middle Eastern date syrup


Lime & basil Crema Catalana 5.60 (gf)

Granny’s almond rose-water cake 5.50 (n)

Catalan Countryside Chocolate Cake 8.90 | with extra virgin olive oil ice-cream & sea-salt (can be made gluten-free)

Oven-baked cheesecake 5.90 | pistache & cardamom (n)

Dessert taster selection 6.50pp | A small taster of five house desserts (n)


Syrian mini-baklawa 3.90 (4p)/ 7.50 (8p) | made by “El Principe” Aleppo sweet shop in Barcelona (n)

Artisanal ice-cream (3 scoops) (can be without gluten) 4.90
– Vanilla with oven-baked apple
– Mandarine sorbet, (v, lf)
– White chocolate with violet
– Chocolate chip

Food allergens/ special preferences:

Please ask us if you have any allergies, intolerances or preferences. Many of our dishes can be adapted.
gf – gluten-free
vg – vegan
v – vegetarian
halal meat – with certificate from halal butchers
lf – lactose-free
n – includes nuts