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The menu changes every season, using ingredients that are in season in Catalonia during each period.
This is our summar 2021 menu.

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Marinated Mediterranean olives  3.50 (gf, vg, lf)
Gordal, Yeye and Kalamata, marinated in orange & rosemary

Beetroot, pistachio and Argan gazpacho  5.90
Also available individual taster size 3.90
(gf, n, can be made lf, nut-free and vegan)
Served with salty pistachio ice-cream and Moroccan culinary Argan oil.

Our house zaatar bread with tomato  4.90
(vg, lf, can be made gluten-free)

Quinoa summer salad  5.90  (vg, lf)
Quinoa, watermelon, feta & mint
(gf, can be made lactose-free and vegan)

Foie gras “Ta Ta Ta” (4p)  8.40
Savoury tarte tatin with a topping of foie gras mi-cuit and red wine sea salt

Spiced polenta fries (6p)  5.90 (vg, gf, lf)
With a tamarind sauce


 “Zaatar Parmigiana” aubergine bake (4p) 8.50 (v, gf)
Zaatar is a mix of thyme and other aromatic herbs


Home-made dips served with mini-pita

1 dip 4.20    3 dips 11.00    6 dips 19.00    1 extra pita 0.35
(gluten-free bread available)

– Chickpea & thyme hummous (vg, gf)
– Smoked aubergine with honey (v, gf, lf)
– Spicy red pepper Syrian style (vg, gf, n)
– Caramelised leek, bacon and goat’s cheese
– Carrot, ginger and tahine (vg, gf, n)
– Green pea with mint and black truffle oil (v, gf)

Croquetas stuffed with sweet potato and “trompeta de la mort” mushroom (4p)  6.50 (vg)

Medjoul dates
wrapped in bacon (4p)  6.80 (gf, lf)

Oven-baked  halloumi cheese sticks with Chef’s minty pecan pesto (4p)  7.20 (v, gf, n)

House patatas bravas (with harissa 5-spice alioli)  5.60 (half)/ 7.60 (full) (lf, vg, gf)


Chicken tagine with citrics, almonds and sumaque spice  9.50 (gf, lf, n, halal meat)
Sumaque is a citric spice used often in Palestinian cuisine
(can be made nut-free)


Kibbe spiced meat balls (4p)  8.50
With pimiento de padrón green peppers (gf, halal meat)

Traditional butifarra sausage with pisto (Catalan stewed tomato sauce) & smoked rosemary
10.90 (gf, lf)

Gambas coconut ras el hanout hanging skewer 11.90 (gf, lf)


Cashew & saffron baked codfish bites 10.50 (gf, n)
Gratinéed with a cashew nut alioli and topped with saffron


Chocolate truffles with Arabic coffee & cardamom (4p)  5.90 With a touch of sea salt (gf, lf)

 Fresh seasonal fruit with mascarpone & caramelized almonds  5.20 (n, can be made vegan and nut-free)

Mel i mató mousse with hibiscus 5.30
Mató is a soft Catalan cheese. Served with cracked honey (gf)


Lavender & white chocolate blueberry cheesecake 6.50
Lavender is a flowering plant native to many parts of the Mediterranean (gf)

Vermouth wine-soaked pears with thyme 5.80
(lf, vg, gf)

Orxata crema catalana with cinnamon 6.20 (lf, vg, gf)
Orxata is a typical local summer drink of tigernut almonds


Artisan ice-creams 3.20 per scoop
(can be served gluten-free)
– Salty pistachio
–  Vanilla with baked apple bites
– Chocolate chip
– Mandarin sorbet (vg)