Our wine list!

At Ziryab we select each and every wine personally – through numerous wine tastings to select the right wines for you! (yes, our job is very, very tough…. ). As a result, each wine has been thought through carefully, depending on what we think accompanies well the style of food we serve, and the kind of customers who walk through our doors. Our team includes several certified sommeliers, but all our waiters and waitresses are trained in serving wines and in recommending the best wine for your meal. The right wine depends on the day, the weather, the accompanying food and, of course, the company you are in!

Here is our current wine list (we change it every season to bring you new fresh wine selections!)

These are wines by bottle. By glass we have various great wines, on the board in the restaurant! 



BATUSSA 2021 (Natural!)   light and fun, intensely fruity, served cool.                                      
Montblanc (Conca de Barberà, Catalonia) 100% Trepat 18.50

CARRAVALSECA CARBONIC MACERATION 2021 explosion of red fruit…                         Zone of Laguardia (Spain) winery Casa Primicia 100% Temp. 17.50

DAVID DUBAND PINOT NOIR 2019 burst of red fruit, light silky Pinot.                               
Burgundy (France) 100% Pinot Noir  14m (French oak) unfiltered. 29.50

LLUVIA VALENCIA 2020 soft and round; touch of eucalyptus and a fresh aftertaste.           22.50
Utiel Requena (Valencia) winery Sentencia 50% Bobal, 50% Garnacha   6m (French oak)

KHRONOS SUMOLL FINCA PARERA 2019 delicate, dry, discreet.           29.50
Penedès (Catalonia) winery Finca Parera  100% Sumoll, clay-fermented. Skin and stem maceration 3 days.

PASAELI 6N KARASAKIZ MERLOT 2020 freshness, sour cherries, a spicy finish.            
Aegean, near the site of ancient Troy (Turkey) 94% Karasakiz, 6% Merlot  6m (American and French oak) 24.00

CHATEAU MUSAR JEUNE ROUGE 2019 Smooth, balanced, forest fruit.  27.00 
D.O. Bekaa Valley (Lebanon) 45% Cinsault, 45% Syrah, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon vegan-friendly.

EL LOMO LISTÁN NEGRO 2021 intriguing, delicious, a smoky volcanic touch.                     23.50
Tenerife (Spain) 95% Listan negro, 5% Listan blanco vegan-friendly (no use of eggs to clarify the wine)

DRISSA 2019 (Natural!) body and intensity but a mineral ceramic freshness.                           24.00
Baix Empordà (Catalonia) winery Lopez Schlecht Garnacha & Carinyena (Samsó) 11m clay amphora

SURIOL MONASTRELL 2019 long in the mouth, a wine with plenty of stories.                       23.50
Penedès (Catalonia) 100% Monastrell (Mataró)  8-10m chestnut oak barrels

JAVI REVERT SENSAL 2020 complex and fruity.                                                                           29.50
D.O. Valencia (Spain) Garnacha Tintorera, Monastrell  10m used oak barrels


CASA CASTILLA EL MOLAR 2019 red jammy fruit, round and delicious                                24.50
Jumilla (Spain) 100% Garnacha  12m (large French oak barrels)

FORLONG TINTILLA 2019 black pepper, young red fruit, aromatic herbs.                              29.00
V.T. Cadiz (southern Spain) 100% Tintilla Rota (Graciano)  6m clay 10m oak

EXPERIMENTAL CARINYENA 2020 elegant carinyena with a touch of mystery.               25.00
Terra Alta (Catalonia) winery Herència Altés 100% Carinyena  6m (very large oak barrels)

CUPRUM CABERNET SAUVIGNON RESERVA 2019 fruity, peppery, pure Cabernet.     24.50
Ametlla de Segarra, D.O. Costers del Segre (Catalonia) winery Comalats 100% Cabernet Sauvignon  20m (oak barrel)

PAS CURTEI 2018 sin filtrar, con cuerpo, largo en boca                                                                  28.00
D.O. Penedès (Catalonia) 60% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Carinyena 15m (French oak barrels)

DIEGO CONTERNO BALUMA NEBBIOLO 2020 (Natural!) fruity, fresh, elegant.           29.00
Piamonte (Italy) 100% Nebbiolo  6m used oak barrels, 4m formigó

CONSTEL·LATS PRIORATO 2019 (Natural!)  seeking maximum fruit extraction!              34.50
Morera de Montsant and Porera villages, Priorat (Catalonia) 100% Garnacha  fermented and aged in glass “damajuanas”


MOVIA VELIKO RDECE 2011 (Natural!) deep and long in the mouth, dry, silky.                     55.50
Goriška Brda, Primorski (Slovenia) 70% Merlot, 20% Pinot Noir, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon  6 years French oak

DOMINIO DEL ÁGUILA RESERVA 2018 fine, serious, elegant.                                                74.50
D.O. Ribera del Duero (Spain) winery: bodega del Águila Tempranillo  27m (French oak barrels)

200 MONGES RESERVA RIOJA melts in mouth.                                                   Reserva 2011   65.00
Try a vertical tasting (different vintages)!                                                 Gran Reserva 2005   88.00
D.O.Q. Rioja 85% Tempranillo, 10% Graciano, 5% Garnacha  20m (French and American oak)



(skin contacts)  soft, refreshing.                         Montsant (Catalonia) 100% Garnacha blanca (skin contact 1m) 20.50

PIEDRA LUENGA ROBLES VERDEJO 2021  dry and fresh.                                               Montilla-Moriles (Spain) 100% Verdejo 25.50


BLANC DEL TERRER MACABEU LÍAS 2019  balanced; a salivating saline finish.             19.50
Tarragona, D.O. Catalunya 100% Macabeu

 COSMIC GRATITUD SAUVIGNON BLANC 2021 (Natural!)  light and tasty.                    25.50
Penedès (Catalonia) 100% Sauvignon blanc  20% amphora, 50% steel, 30% chestnut oak

FÈNIX DE LOPEZ SCHLECHT 2020 (Natural!) unfiltered; super acidity.                             22.00
Empordà (Catalonia) Vermentino 11m amphora

TANCA ELS ULLS XAREL.LO VERMELL 2020 (Natural!)   fresh, smoky finish.                26.50
Vi de Tarragona (Spain) winery Celler d’en Cesc 100% Xarel·lo vermell (old vine) 4m clay amphora

ORANGE ALBARIÑO CAZAPITAS 2020 (skin contact – ORANGE style)   finesse.         27.50
D.O. Rías Baixas (Galicia) 100% Albariño skin contact. Dry wine with notes of sherry, a great wine to pair with food.

FINCA SANGUIJUELA CHARDONNAY 2019  exotic, round Chardonnay.                             37.50
D.O. Sierras de Málaga (southern Spain) 100% Chardonnay  5m (French oak)

TALEIA BRISAT 2018 (skin contact) elegant, discreet but present.                                           32.50
D.O. Costers del Segre (Catalonia) Sauvignon blanc & Semillon  12m fermented in stone basins from 12th century.

MOVIA GREDIC FRIULANO 2020 fragrant, delicious, intriguing.                                           27.50
D.O. Goriska Brda (Slovenia, Mediterranean coast) 100% Friulano (Green sauvignon)  12m (Slovenian oak barrels)

200 MONGES GRAN RESERVA BLANCO 2008 depth; exceptional white Rioja.               72.50
D.O.C. Rioja (Spain) 100%Viura  24m (French oak barrels)



VIGNOBLE DU RÊVEUR RIESLING VIBRATIONS 2019 aromatic elegance.                   26.50
Alsacia (France) 100% Riesling

FRISACH VERNATXA 2019 (SKIN CONTACTS) rich texture in mouth, notes of cider.     26.50
D.O. Terra Alta (Catalonia) 100% Garnacha blanca  12m (French oak 500l)

CARGOL TREU VI 2020 (Natural!) creamy texture, aromatic sweet sensation.                   25.00
D.O. Penedès (Catalonia) 100% Xarel·lo 

6 VINCLES TAL COM RAJA PANSA BLANCA 2020 (Natural!) pure youth.                     23.50
Arenys de Munt, Maresme (Catalonia, just up the coast) 100% Xarel·lo (Pansa Blanca)

MANDA HUEVOS (OLD VINES) 2019 (Natural!) floral, citric, saline.                                  32.50
D.O. Calatayud (Spain) winery El Escocés Volante 95% Macabeu old vines, 5% Garnacha  15m ageing on lees

LES BAIRETES ORANGE MOSCATEL 2020 (SKIN CONTACT – orange STYLE)  freshness.  25.00
Utiel Requena (zone of Valencia, Spain) winery Sentencia Moscatel de Alejandria  9m ageing on lees


VOLUBILIA GRIS 2020 dry, delicate, Provence-style rosé.                                                          19.50
Meknès (Morocco) Marselan & Caladoc
Located near the Berber pre-romanic town of Volubilis, a UNESCO world heritage site. Vines grown at 800m altitude. 

ONE NIGHT’S ROSÉ 2021 dry, discreet, with an electric finish.                                                 23.00
D.O. Penedès (Catalonia) winery Montrubí 55% Sumoll, 35% Garnacha, 10% Xarel·lo  (aged in concrete 700l)
The harvest is done in just one night!

LA GRANJA 2021 A lot of fruit, a lot of fun, a lot of summer.                                                       25.00
D.O. Penedès (Catalonia) winery Vinyes Singulars Monastrell, Forcada, Moneu, Xarel·lo, Xarel·lo Vermell  chestnut
Co-plantation of many grape varieties!


CAVA VALLDOLINA RESERVA ECOLÓGICO to drink at any moment.                       21.00
D.O. Cava (Catalonia) Macabeo, Xarel·lo, Parellada & Chardonnay  24m aged with lees
A cava made in the traditional method, by a wine-maker working in organic, biodynamic, respectful of soil and wine.  

BABY BUBBLES XAREL·LO 2020 (ANCESTRAL) citric, floral, quirky, fun.             22.00
Catalonia, winery el Jardí dels Sentits 100% Xarel·lo
“Ancestral” was the original way of making sparkling wines, discovered by mistake in the 16th Century. Unlike regular cavas or champagnes, no sugar is added and the grape juice ferments entirely in one bottle, naturally.

AL ROSA VINYES SINGULARS 2019 (ANCESTRAL) light, fresh rosé sparkling.    25.50
Catalonia Xarel·lo, Macabeo & Monastrell
Ancestral sparklings are fun, lighter and less dry than other sparkling wines.   

FRANCISCO DE CALA VERMUT ESPUMOSO delicious, sweet, fresh, unique.           32.00
Cadiz (Spain) winery Reyes Magos Palomino & Pedro Ximenez (Oloroso sherry 16 yrs & sweet wine Pedro Ximenez 5 yrs)
Sparkling vermouth!! Quite unique and spectacular. Made using the champenoise sparkling method. Sweet, refreshing.  

CHAMPAGNE GEORGES LAVAL 1ER CRU BRUT NATURE special moments.        76.00
A.O.C. Champagne (France) 40% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Meunier, 30% Pinot Noir  24m – biodynamic
A wonderful champagne from a conscientious wine-maker in Champagne. Toasty notes, citric, fresh.


MALAGA DULCE rich and sweet, with a touch of Pedro Ximenez.         4.50  (100ml)
Malaga (Spain) winery Dimobe Moscatel de Alejandría & Pedro Ximenez                                                            25.00  (750ml)

TERRENAL D’AUBERT DOLÇ elegant, a post-dinner treat.                20.00  (375ml)
Tarragona (Spain) winery Vinyes del Terrer Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon  10m (French oak, 600l barrels)
A naturally sweet wine, without added sugar. Only 85g of residual sugar per litre.

FRANCISCO DE CALA VERMUT ESPUMOSO fresh, unique, very special.       32.00 (750ml)
Described above.


SERENO DE LA VINYETA digestive in the style of “rancio” oxidized wine.                                     5.10 (100ml)
D.O. Empordà (Catalonia) 100% Garnacha roja                                                                                          25.00 (500ml)

Some background for the more avid drinkers… 

Catalan wines: Catalonia’s wine-making region is one that is sometimes underestimated among foreigners coming to Barcelona. It is, however, a land that makes fantastic wines and it’s a must to try some of its autochthonous varieties such as the Xarel.lo as a nice alternative to a regular Chardonnay, the citric fresh variety of Picapoll blanc, or the red varieties of Sumoll and Trepat. Garnatxa is a grape that is widely used in Catalan wines. It is also a region that is very experimental, much more than its somewhat more “classic” wine-growing Spanish neighbouring regions such as Rioja. They experiment a lot with different types of materials to age the wine in a way that will not influence the flavours too much (e.g. clay, cement, natural pools, storing under the sea, cool mountain caves, etc).

Wines from the Mediterranean: Ziryab has a growing selection of wines from all over the Mediterranean – some quite hard to come by in Barcelona. In fact, the Mediterranean marks the traditional route that the Phoenicians used to take when trading goods long before the Romans were doing it, and it is a little-known fact that the wine production tradition in the east of the Mediterranean (around where Lebanon lies today) dates back some 6000 years. We have chosen some fabulous wines from France, Italy, Lebanon and Morocco, to name a few…

Natural wines: we are now entering the world of natural wines! It’s a fabulous universe of flavours and really takes you back to the essence of wine-making: before we used additives, filtering, flavourings, oak ageing and other methods that affect the taste of the wine. Check out our blog post on natural wines to learn more on this topic, on the process of making natural wines, on the natural wine festivals you can go to and the natural wines you can try on our wine list!

Wine tasting: Try one of Ziryab’s tasting experience with paired wines! It is an amazing selection of combined flavours and textures, each tasting dish pairing perfectly with each of the 7 selected wines, and information cards about each wine and each pairing that you can take home with you. You can also give it as a gift voucher to a friend. A very special experience 🙂