The Classic Tasting Menu


€35.00 per person

Full menu which consists of a wonderful selection of Ziryab’s fusion tapas.

The meal comes in several surprise stages, including appetisers, tapas tasters, main courses and desserts. All dishes are carefully explained by our team and the menu can be adapted for any allergies, food intolerances or other preferences. This tasting menu is a great way to try a lot of flavours on our menu and spend a wonderful evening! You can see our current tasting menu here. The classic one for this voucher is the first one:

Please advise us if there is a special occasion to take into account and we will prepare something special for you!

This gift voucher includes:

  • Full menu, comes in 5 stages including appetisers, tapas tasters, main courses and desserts
  • Taste of vermouth as apperitif (or non-alcoholic alternative)
  • Explanations on all the types of food, flavours and ingredients
  • Mineral water included in the menu

If you prefer to gift the person drinks as well to accompany the menu, this can be purchased apart, in one of the following two vouchers:

  1. The “Wine Pairing” voucher (19.00, which gives an amazing wine pairing experience. Details are at our tasting menu page, scrolling down to the third menu:
  2. Or the “Accompanying Drinks” voucher (10 EUR per person, which includes beers, wines, soft drinks or anything the guest chooses up to this amount)

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