Ziryab: the Soul Sessions

Ziryab on Friday and Saturday evenings is BUZZING!

Early evening live music sessions, to listen to while sipping on an aperitivo or while having  your dinner at Ziryab.

Starts at 19.00, plays until 20.30. Be there on time to ensure you get a spot!
You can reserve for 19.00, and otherwise it’s first come first serve 🙂

If you reserve dinner with us please put a note letting us know whether you would like to have dinner with the live music, or if you will come before your reservation time to listen to the music, so we can save you a spot!

Check out the weekly programme on Ziryab’s Instagram or Facebook pages to see which musicians are bringing their good vibes! Our music is generally relaxed style, guitar, voice and percussion, styles such as jazz, bossa nova, funk and alternative styles. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ziryabbcn/?hl=en.

The show is in one of the most beautiful and oldest rooms of our tavern.

See you then 😉

The old taverna where the soul sessions take place.
Hundreds of years of history between these walls.