A Guide to Finding Good Wine to Go with Delicious Tapas in Barcelona

Summer is the peak travel season because the kids are out of school and family schedules are generally free. One of the most popular summer destinations is Spain, particularly Barcelona, because the city has something for everyone. The Huffington Post travel blogger Adam Groffman explains the allure of the city of Counts.

Barcelona Summer

“In Barcelona though, it’s not all about beauty. There’s also culture. You’ll find it everywhere. You have museums that are a MUST: like the one dedicated to Miró or Picasso. You can experience modern art, theater, music. Food is certainly another form of art in this city. In the Barceloneta you can get the fresh products of a bakery, or try some delicious fish in one of the local restaurants and markets. I love to recommend visiting the Mercado de la Barceloneta, and then walk along the beach, watching people playing chess or tablero, exercising on the beach, enjoying an ice cream (seriously: go for ice scream at Eyescream and Friends) or just contemplating the sea.”

A trip to Barcelona is incomplete without sampling authentic Spanish food like tapas. Tapas are generally any finger food or bite-size snacks consisting of small portions of meatballs, battered squid rings, tender beef, white anchovies, and others. Delicious tapas in Barcelona typically serve as appetisers and go great with wine. However, tourists and locals alike should know which wine goes best with them, so below is a short guide.

Spanish wine

Spain is one of the world’s largest producers of wine. Thus, Spanish white wine varieties like Verdejo and red wine varieties like Garnacha naturally go well with Barcelona tapas although a good tip is to pair meat-based tapas like Albondigas (Spanish meatballs) and Empanadas with wine from the Rioja region.

Chilean wine

Chile has close ties with Spain, and thus it’s perhaps for this reason why there are choice Chilean wine varieties that are perfect with seafood-based tapas. These include Santiago-produced chardonnay with hints of pineapple and lemon, which is a definite crowd-pleaser.

Middle East wine

When it comes to finding a good match with tapas, wine from the Middle East is most likely not on everyone’s list. However, well-admired fusion restaurants like Ziryab have shown that nothing is a better match. Arab cuisine is highly dependent on spicy flavours, a much-welcome twist on tapas. To complement spicy tapas, subtle red wines are the answer.

When visiting a new place, most people go for the attractions. However, in Barcelona, the attractions include the city’s delectable cuisine headed by pequeno appetizers. To maximize the enjoyment, people simply have to know which type of wine goes best with them.

(Source: Nothing Compares to Barcelona in the Summer, huffingtonpost.com, June 2, 2014)