Exploring the Possibilities: Going Beyond Regular Tapas in Barcelona

Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain, is known for its modernist architecture, live music venues, exquisite art, and of course, unforgettable food choices. One food that is practically synonymous to the city are the tapas. These are appetizers or finger-food which come in different forms, shapes, and colors.

“Spaniards don’t eat when you normally do. Lunch is from 2 p.m. onward, and dinner comes after 10 p.m. If you’re hungry in between or can’t reset your body clock, there’s help — tapas and pintxo bars (pintxo is the Basque equivalent of tapas) open around midday and again around 7 p.m. In some bars, a snack still comes free with a glass of beer, sherry or wine, but some places now charge.”

As the CNN blog mentions, the eating habits of Spaniards significantly differ from that of the US as well as in other countries. Should you wish to visit the city and you find yourself hungry after a long and tiring day sight-seeing, then let the great-tasting tapas in Barcelona come to the rescue. Since we they come in different forms and varieties, why not go for something that is more unique and stands out from the rest.

Exploring the Possibilities: Going Beyond Regular Tapas in Barcelona

Go for fusions

Keep yourself busier by embracing the challenge of finding restaurants that offer fusion tapas and have a more fulfilling meal. Fusion tapas feature combinations of different tastes and elements, usually of different countries and cultures. By going for fusions, you will be able to experience traditional forms like croquettes, ham and cheese, fish, seafood, bruschettas, and other selections, but with a different twist that sets them apart from the usual tapas.

You can taste a variety of tapa fusions that are created for cheese lovers, vegetarians, and people who have sweet tooth. Additionally, these tapas are served with different alcohol choices like red and white wine, or gin, whisky, or rum, depending on your preference and on what matches well with the tapas you ordered. Restaurants like Ziryab offer fusion tapas en Barcelona characterized by a mix of Catalan flavors and the rich and spicy taste of Arabia.

By going for unique kinds of tapas, you are also exploring its vast gastronomic offerings which complete your trip and make it more memorable.

(Article Excerpt and Image from 11 things to know before visiting Spain, CNN, October 1, 2013)