Winespirations – selecting wines at Ziryab

“À la Z” Episode 4 – Winespirations, selecting wines at Ziryab
Welcome to Ziryab’s miniseries, a video blog by Ziryab about different topics every month!
Subtitles available in 3 languages if you click on the “cc”. 

This episode is about our wines! And how we select them. We change our wines every few months, selecting wines by small family-run bodegas with a story. We love the passion behind wine-making and look for wines that use local lesser-known varieties, and use wine-making methods that are unusual – like making wines the way the Romans did, using clay amphoras for fermentation and ageing, or ageing wines underground…. natural wines, ecologic wines, biodynamic wines. All our wines are organic and have a story, come try a copa! Cheers!

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