Spirits at the Best Tapas in Barcelona Makes for Good Cheer and Fun

Learning to explore the art of fine dining requires exploring as well which types of food go well with which wine variety. This probe doubles up when you’re talking about Catalan wines, of which Cava has become the name to look for when you’re looking for any tipple from Catalunya. An article in the Catalan News Agency says the region’s Greco-Roman heritage makes it a viable place to explore wine varieties – which you can kick off at a place that serves the best tapas in Barcelona like Ziryab.

Catalan Wine


A look at your preferred places for tapas and spirits will reveal wine choices in their menu that are by themselves combinations of various wine varieties produced among Catalunya’s eleven protected geographical areas for wines, and classified as Denominación de Origen or Designation of Origin (DO). Cabernet Sauvignon is often the most common denominator among the wines available, of which at least three DOs – Costes del Segre, Pla de Bages, and Conca de Barbera – have vineyards that grow such grapes. Feel free to ask about wines that are from any specific DO; you might be pleased at what else they have.

The Mideast

Tapas Mezze restaurants will not be known as such if they do not have drink varieties that come from the Middle East. Your preferred tapas restaurant stocks beers and wines from the best producers in Palestine and Lebanon. One drink product in stock is seen as the embodiment of a family’s struggle to make a living even under occupation.

Lighting Off

Sometimes, people prefer to smoke when the meals are all served and eaten, particularly in a special smoking area. You can, however, go off the beaten track by smoking through a shisha and places like Ziryab pack the goods when it comes to the best-tasting hookah in Barcelona. For instance, a check of the shisha section of the menu will yield choices for fruit-based shisha material, such as pineapple and melon.

Some people say your choice of drink does say a lot about you, from your character to your hopes and dreams. In many ways, handling that with the right choice of food can even trigger more delights with your friends. As the Catalans will say, Beure fins!

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